Why Goat Milk?


Explore why goat milk is fantastic for the skin and should always be apart of your body products.

1. Contains Alpha Hydroxy Acids. These acids break down dead skin cells and leave your skin renewed, brighter, and over time much healthier.
Soaps that are not natural, usually contain harsh chemicals that do this. Goats milk is a natural, gentler alternative.
2. Contains many vitamins/minerals. Vitamin A helps repair your skin. It can help reduce the look of wrinkles and slow down aging. Niacin helps to protect your skin from sun damage. Vitamin B6 helps promote new skin growth. Potassium creates a barrier on the skin that holds the moisture in.
Most commercially made soaps that contain these, usually don't contain natural alpha hydroxy acids which means the vitamins and minerals will have a very hard time getting into the deeper layers of your skin.
3. In goats milk the cream does not separate like cows milk. That means the cream is locked in which helps moisturize your skin like no other. The fatty content helps to seal in the moisture so your skin benefits longer.
4. Magnesium. That actually helps calm irritated skin. It encourages the turnover of healthy skin cells to calm redness, reduce acne, and improve skin appearance.
None of these are medical advice or suggesting my bars should replace anything your doctor has prescribed. Also remember everyone is different and that includes their skin!